Heather Brown has 20 years of baking experience and currently loves running her own business in Bournemouth delivering high quality, bespoke bakes for any occasion or event. 


Heather is always tinkering in the kitchen to rustle up something new and she started her business in the belief that bespoke baking and catering can be so much more exciting that the often bland beige buffets presented at events. In that vain, every order that Heather takes is specifically tailored to her client’s needs and every menu is designed to make sure that the food is delicious and the perfect compliment to any event. 

Heather has experience with and is available to work collaboratively with brands to help with blog or advertising content and can come up with bespoke recipes to fit with brand imaging. 

Heather is passionate about sourcing her ingredients from local artisans. Dorset has a wealth of fabulous independant producers who care deeply about their products and since Heather is a food writer, she also spends time discovering and sharing local food producers and restaurants. Heather writes her blogs for East Dorset Foodie and you can read her reviews on www.dorsetfoodiefamily.co.uk.