Christmas is the time of year when we all try and get together with friends, family, clients and staff teams to celebrate! We give gifts, we plan events and more often than not, food is at the centre. 

If you had plans for events or handmade gifts this Christmas, then do get in touch. Heather has made lots of different bespoke gifts for Christmas events, as well as catered for all kinds of bespoke events.


Below are some examples of the Christmas catering Heather has made. 


From the Insta favourites to bespoke signature bakes wrapped into boxes - each bake is handmade from scratch to order. 


From Turkey Chelsea buns to cheese and bacon Christmas Trees! 

Hot breakfast bakes can be themed to be the perfect staff treat just before Christmas. 


If you are looking for a beposke catering solution then Heather's catering can be tailored to exactly suit you and your guests - from intimate dinners to large scale canapés.