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The Ultimate Boxing Day Toasted Sandwich

This Ultimate Boxing Day Toasted Sandwich is a perfect Boxing Day treat! This sandwich takes some of the key components of the Christmas lunch and adds a little bit of extra Christmas decadence... Brie! I’ve given rough guidelines on the amount of ingredients here, but it can be very much led by what you have leftover and what flavours you love most.

Ultimate Boxing Day Toasted Sandwich

Thick cut granary bread 2tbsp butter Slices of turkey 2tbsp cranberry sauce stuffing slow cooked red cabbage


I have used a toasted sandwich maker/press but you can also make this sandwich in a frying pan. Butter your bread evenly on both sides of the bread.

Layer the sandwich with turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, brie, red cabbage and then the bread. This combination secures the ingredients that might move about, between layers that will keep it still!

Cook until the outside is lovely and crispy and the brie has melted in the middle. Use a sharp knife to cut in half. If using a frying pan, cook on one side until the bottom has started to become crispy and then gently turn over. Press down with a spatula to make sure the heat reaches the centre.

I have also made a much simpler version of this recipe with just turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. This version works really well with some coleslaw on the side!


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