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Heather's passion for food started early and she has been working in and around the food and events industry since she was 16, starting her first food business at 24. In the last 20 years, Heather has run successful baking and catering businesses, organised and styled events, created food products to sell online, worked in and with cafes, created delicious looking food for photo shoots, edited and run a successful food blog and social media pages, built websites for food brands and created recipes for brands and magazines.

Heather is a Special Officer for the Guild of Food Writers and specialises in creating bespoke, food based content - whether written or visual. Be that through creating food 'props' for photoshoots, styling food photoshoots, recipe creation for food brands or using her extensive knowledge of baking and cooking to write articles or blogs for digital or print. You can find over 50 of Heather's recipes here

Heather has worked as a successful food photographer, including being shortlisted in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition for 4 years. 


Heather also helps brands to create or upgrade their websites and work with them to update their social media and advertising content, putting to good use her BSc Hons in Computer Science. 


In 2024, Heather became a co-owner of The Book & Bucket Cheese Company and is excited to be involved in this award winning British artisan cheese business. 

To discuss how Heather can help you, simply email or call 07971423678.

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"Thank you so much for all your help, I can’t recommend you enough. Totally understood what we wanted and delivered so much more."

The Book & Bucket Cheese Company

"We loved working with you on our website and our photography - all brilliant and we are lucky to have you as part of our extended team"

Meggy Moos Dairy

"You are a highlight of The BV - your recipes are so popular, your photography ALWAYS commented on. We are proud to have you as part of our team."

The BV


"We absolutely love the photos you have taken for us!"



"So easy to work with and just so helpful. Heather makes everything smooth running and the photography is beautiful."

Dorset Artisan Macarons

Food Writer

Able to recipe test and write recipes, both to include branded products as well as for magazine/newspapers content.


Currently writing monthly recipes for The BV magazine, as well as working with brands on bespoke content. Spent 8 years writing for and then editing Dorset Foodie Feed. 


A member of and Special Officer for the Guild of Food Writers 

Food Photographer & Food Stylist

Comfortable working one to one with a brand to curate content and photograph products.


Also experienced working in a much larger team (including photographers, lighting, venues and Art Directors) as the food stylist. 

Images shortlisted for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year in 2018, 2022, 2023 & 2024.

Web Design

Have extensive experience in Wix to build and maintain simple websites. Can help to update an existing website or build a new website from scratch, as well as helping to refine an initial idea through to attaching domains and sending a new site live.

Also have some experience working with Wordpress and Umbraco. 

BSc (hons) Computer Science, Bath University. 

Heather Brown

Bournemouth, UK

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